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My penis is a mountain

Last night at the Bearden Bulldogs vs Farragut Admirals football game, as the crowd stood respectfully as color guard brought in the American flag (and 3 others), Rocky Top blared from the speakers instead of the national anthem. Whoops! The crowd chuckled through the beginning of the actual national anthem. Why did they use a recording instead of having the two high school bands play? I wonder if they could have done it in sync.

Of course, the playing of the national anthem is not unique to sports events in the United States. Countries all around the world play their national anthem, and often a singer belts out the words. Croatia invited UK opera singer Tony Henry to perform their national anthem at the beginning of the Euro 2008 soccer tournament with Croatia vs England. He mispronounced a Croatian word (see the video) when trying to sing "we love your mountains" and instead announced to the crowd "my penis is a mountain." The Croatians believe the mistake relaxed the team enough to knock England out of the tournament with a 3-2 win for Croatia. They have since adopted Tony Henry, and his mountainous member, as their mascot.

(This post should pull in some interesting spam… )

5 thoughts on “My penis is a mountain

  1. Yup, your spam and possibly hits will go up by using the word “penis” but the two words “Ron Paul” are also great crowd pleasers apparently.

    (BTW, ain’t nothing better than high school football in the playoffs.)

  2. Maybe the spam will tell us where to buy those little pills off the blackmarket. You reckon?

  3. Who needs the blackmarket when you’ve got Internet pharmacies! I wonder if anyone actually uses those and if they do, do they every receive product.

  4. I figure it is a scam. Give them the credit card number they take your cash and the victim is too embarrassed to admit they were ordering Cilias or Viagra online and never reports it.

    That is my theory. I am not going to try it, to see if I am right.

  5. That’s my bet too. There are a lot of those out there. I fell victim to one once. The site appeared very professional. I paid for product. The site vanished. I lost money and never received the product. Felt pretty stupid considering I was teaching people about how to safely do transactions on the Internet at the time. Didn’t listen to my own words!

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