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Your children will never hear anything you say

My children just learned hot things melt plastic. Gee. Where have I heard that before?

They also now know that popcorn was not always made in the microwave.

Tommy: "Why wouldn’t you just use a microwave?"
Mom, not answering to avoid saying: "Because I’m old enough to remember when microwaves didn’t exist!"

4 thoughts on “Your children will never hear anything you say

  1. We bought some Jiffy Pop popcorn recently just for the “joy” of making it on the stove again rather than throwing it in the microwave. My daughter got such a kick out it.

    But then again, I also have a pop corn popper that LOOKS like an old popcorn cart.

    (Truth be told, we just burned way to much popcorn in our microwave, so we went back to old methods)

  2. I was working late in one of our buildings downtown. I smelled smoke and the fire alarms start going off in the building…strobing lights and sirens. I don’t recall if the fire department actually showed up. I had put some popcorn in the microwave for 4 minutes and it only needed to be in for 2 minutes. Then I went to programming and forgot I was making a snack. Made for an interesting evening as the building filed with smoke (but not fire). And the smell of burnt popcorn never leaves the microwave! Yuck.

  3. my son is still stuck on the only 3 tv channel issue
    you know in “olden times”

  4. I see these conversations in the not too distant future:
    Me: “I remember when pay phones were a dime!”
    Him: “What’s a pay phone?”

    Me: “Ah, I miss the kathunk and smell of a slide projector.”
    Him: “Powerpoint doesn’t have a smell!”

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