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Why I like getting up at 2am

Between 2am and 6am I can knock out a bunch of work! No phones ring. Even the dogs don’t need walking. Since I got up at 2am and have been diligent in my work, when Cathy woke with a migraine this morning, I was able to send her back to bed and move my work upstairs. Being upstairs with one eye on the children and one eye on the screen slows me down a little but conceptually I could take 4 hours off (realistically I need to keep pounding keys hard and fast) but the stress is off. I don’t think I could do this from an office.

2 thoughts on “Why I like getting up at 2am

  1. When do you sleep?

  2. That was in 2008. I would take an afternoon name between 2-2:30pm. I’d go to sleep 10pm or so and wake at 2am.

    Now I require a little more sleep (usually 11pm-5:30am). Unfortunately, no daytime naps.

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