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For my wife, I’ll sing of sushi

Next time I’m at West Town Mall, for my wife, I’ll break into song in the food court and sing of sushi!

4 thoughts on “For my wife, I’ll sing of sushi

  1. If that had happened anywhere near me I probably would’ve jumped up and joined them 😉

    Although, with all due respect, they could’ve found a better song. It needed something with more angst than a missing napkin…

  2. Ok, I’ve now become hooked on ImprovEverywhere…. Thanks a lot, Doug – now the rest of my day is shot! 😉

  3. Happy to oblige!

    I’d be surprised if they’ve never been arrested. The food court was in cooperation with the mall but most of their antics are “ask for forgiveness rather than permission.” Love their work!

  4. This is similar to the hijinks my college roomate, his brother and I did when we filmed our mini-movie at the Universal Studios parks last year.

    We just set up our camcorders and filmed each other in various scenes doing dialogue and action. There was running around, diving to the ground, gunplay, chases across the walkways and through the rides, dramatic confrontations, you name it. And we never asked permission – in fact the times we did interact with park personnel they enjoyed it and were happy to help.

    In case anyone’s interested in watching the end product (hint! hint) go to:

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