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Our Life

Between coughing up my lungs today, I have been hard at programming on a project. I have some neat things happening but they never seem to happen quickly enough. I took only one break today to return something I borrowed longer than I should have. I am close on my code but it always seems like I need just another half an hour when our evening chaos erupts. This evening’s chaos was complicated by the high school parent night.

What is evening chaos? It starts when a child says he needs the mouse I stole from his computer so he can do his homework. Then Mom dashes out the door explaining the homework Amy has to do after the kids finish cleaning the kitchen table. That’s the table with 3 inches of soapy foam on it and a perplexed middle schooler asking, "uh. How do I clean that up?" Still he manages to leave the table a sticky mess. Evan, who is getting closer to being housebroken, pees on the floor in the girls room. I’m on the phone with the bank trying to get them to fax me a letter that they say they can’t mail to me for 10 days due to federal law. I need it Monday but preferably tomorrow. Dinner has to be made. Go downstairs and sharpen a pencil. Hear Amy and Evan start to fight. Cathy texts to tell me she is going to park illegally. I call to give her a hard time but get voicemail so I text her my approval and then she calls. Evan is screaming just because he has lungs that aren’t filled with gunk. Evan wants to help with Amy’s homework. Oh dinner. Noah has a question on his homework. Code? Sharpen pencil again. And… that’s just the beginning.

2 thoughts on “Our Life

  1. sounds just like our house! Its a great thing you blog it, otherwise you would forget the madness of parenting. You are doing great! If I come across a mouse on my travels, shall I put it in the post?

  2. Oh I’m certain we have mice in the house. It’s just that they hide really well or my inside cat really doesn’t understand her job.

    I love blogging for the memories. Every now and then I look back on a post and remember the details of something I’ve put in the back of my mind and just smile. Day or two ago I watched Evan and Amy in Dance with the Crazy Frog and was amused to see Evan with practically no hair. When I was 11, I had this overwhelming fear of losing my memories and thought I should write my stories down but that’s a very disciplined act for an 11 year old. I did not begin journaling until I was 18. Although my writing has been irregular at times, I have stuck with it since then. One journal that covered most of college was stolen. Unfortunately, when I journal, I tend to focus on getting the negative out rather than recording the positive events in my life. On the positive side, this act seems to get the negative out of my head and onto paper. Fortunately, blogging seems to cover that gap recording the more jovial events that just don’t find their way to the paper journals.

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