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From the mouths of babes

Amy, three, with Noah, twelve, beside her: "Can the dogs go with us to school?" (she means carpool)
Dad: "Sure but don’t let them in the car until I wipe their feet."
Noah, Evan, Amy and the dogs walk out the door. Dad from the front porch hollers: "Don’t let the dogs in the car until their feet get wiped."
Noah walks to car and puts hand on door handle. Dad yells: "Don’t let the dogs in the van!"
Noah opens the door and lets Dharma in with no effort to stop her.
Dad goes on a tirade: {this part is unprintable}
Noah: "I thought you were talking to Amy."

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  1. our pug has found a means to escape the fence so hubs is going to fix it today which I am guessing will result in it’s very own blog but I digress.. I told C NOT to let Oscar out this morning that I would take care of him so what is the next thing I hear why of course the back door opening so the dog can go out…..

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