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Pound pound pound pound

Enough already! I’ve basically had a headache since last weekend. I finally understand the agony my wife and son must go through when they experience their migraines. I’ve never in my life been prescribed any pain medicines. Not Vicodin, Percoset, or anything. Shoot. I don’t even know how to spell Percoset. But I am coming around to thinking pain medicines should be easier to get. I’m not talking over the counter. Right now I believe pain medicines should be dispensed out of vending machines! Or delivered with your pizza. Wait a minute. Don’t pizza guys already do that? Back to coding.

4 thoughts on “Pound pound pound pound

  1. and I promise as bad as it is the migraine is even worse! hate ’em

  2. I hate that Cathy and Noah get the migraines but on the positive side I always know when its going to rain.

  3. Your headache could be from your blood pressure being elevated and the high amount of stress you are under.

  4. Target took the blood pressure machine out so I never check it anymore. BP always came in pretty normal by those machines anyhow. But yes, I agree, its just a bit o’ stress. No biggie.

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