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Sonny…back in my day…

…if you wanted a random stranger to impregnate you, you had to at least leave the house and let him buy you a couple of beers first.

…In less than two weeks, I will be ovulating, which as everyone should know is primetime for baby making. The problem is that I don’t yet have a partner…I just need some good, hearty seed…I am 26 years old, 5’4″, 115lbs., long brown hair, well, you can see more details in the pic. I have most of a PhD in Biophysics and will be finishing my JD before the child is born… [Source, The Garage Sale Blog Network, My Biological Egg Timer is Ticking, Ticking, Ticking – Ship in a Bottle]

The skeptic in me thinks this is a great way to get some short-term, unqualified traffic to her blog. And of course, I just participated in helping her strategy work if that is the plan. Remember folks, short-term spikes in traffic does not necessarily result in fame, increased ad revenue, or long term readership; it often just causes extra cost in hosting.

2 thoughts on “Sonny…back in my day…

  1. … because, you know, there aren’t medical ways to going about that.

    Yeah, this is sort of horrifying. “Oh, your dad? I met him randomly on the internet for the purposes of having you.” Mother-of-the-year for sure.

  2. You know.. at 26 her ovaries are shriveling up like old peach pits.Tick tock Tick tock

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