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Pot Cookie Monster

Where do people come up with the budget for these videos? You have to watch to the end for the political kick.

3 thoughts on “Pot Cookie Monster

  1. Kinda speechless at this. While it’s funny, on its own merits..

    Um, having a kid in a comic video about a stoned, green Cookie Monster eating cookies made of pot? I’m just shaking my head and what the little girl’s parents were thinking. Whether they were involved in the filmmaking process or not, I just… I don’t know.

    As for $$, really the only expense these days for that kind of video is making the muppet characters themselves. Unless they had to pay talent, too. The cameras, sound, editing equipment – all cheap cheap cheap (relatively speaking). Assuming they want to make more videos and spread out the cost.

  2. I had the same thought about the child. When I first clicked the link I thought they were making a pun, then the first time the girl called him “Pot Cookie Monster” I thought it was a mistake and that was why people were linking to the video. Sometimes I am watching a Hollywood movie and trying to figure out how they edited such that the children could be off the set during the filming of the vulgar parts. But the reality is they probably think the children just won’t get it, or the parents care more about the money than the child.

  3. Bingo. I mean, with this it’s not as bad as if the kid was in a scene where something really raunchy was going on, or something sadistic or violent being represented – but still.

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