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A negative of installing a new motherboard

I am pleased to have my workstation working again. I miss the portability of working on Tommy’s laptop but nothing compares to having multiple monitors for productivity. When will they make a laptop with a screen that can fold out so that the laptop itself will have 2 or 3 screens? Imagine. Fold up to reveal the keyboard and one screen. Need more real estate? Fold the screen to the left and you now have 2 screens and a keyboard. Need more? A 3rd section folds out to the right and now you have a keyboard and 3 screens and portability! Oh how I dream.

Anyhow, seems my machine is still not up to par. Windows just informed me that I have to install service pack 3, again. (since installing the new motherboard required reinstalling Windows core files)

7 thoughts on “A negative of installing a new motherboard

  1. I think your dream machine might weight a ton!

  2. What if, instead of monitors, it had multiple projectors?

  3. Steve Skinner- I thought of that. What if the left and right screens were lcd that rolled up (ala epaper) with no frame but instead was supported by a single firm rod that extended from the main frame. Of course, Cathy’s projector idea works.

    What I really want, is 5 pens. (See also)

  4. Well, since you’re not running a “real” OS, this might work for you, though I think calling it a “laptop” might be generous.

  5. That’s cool! You don’t think we could get Ubuntu on that?

  6. No idea. Would make it halfway usable. Shoot, would be interesting to see OS X on it too! Tell you what, send me one and I’ll see what I can do!

  7. Haha. Now that’s funny!

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