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Nothing to see here – go outside

Watch this video and then you’ll have no reason to look at anything else on the Internet for at least 24 hours. So yYou are free to go outside and enjoy this beautiful Earth Day! I’m going to get back to work.

Update: That video quit being amusing the second the person was revealed as a registered sex offender.

3 thoughts on “Nothing to see here – go outside

  1. Dude! That totally messes up the video. I’m thinking this post needs to be pulled and I have a bunch of Twitterfolk that I owe apologies to. Uh, how did you know to find him on a sex offenders list?

  2. Sorry, man.

    You can thank the tireless efforts of the Internet Police for revealing it:

    * warning: forum-speak can get a little racy on Reddit. NSFW or kids.

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