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The Hard Drive Chronicles

After moving the 60 GB hard drive to the Linux box, I was able to get a raw copy of all data without errors. If Ghost fails, I will try either 1) formatting the 500 GB hard drive and then copying the data and setting the master boot record or 2) installing a fresh copy of Windows then overwriting the installation with all data from the 60 GB hard drive (I know the problems with that approach). If Ghost and the raw copy approach fail, I will simply start over fresh.

2 thoughts on “The Hard Drive Chronicles

  1. I have another potential solution to your HDD copy woes. Boot a linux live CD and use DD to copy the drive.

    dd if=/dev/sdx of=/dev/sdy count=1
    Where sdx = 60GB drive and sdy = 500GB drive.

    This will do a bit for bit copy of the content of drive x to drive y. Once completed, you can use parted or gparted to resize the original partition to the 500GB OR simply create a second partition for the remainder of the drive and separate your OS/Apps from your data. If you do decide to resize it, I recommend you leave your 60GB drive as is to ensure the resize is windows compatible. I have seen paritions created/modified by Linux utilities be unreadable by Windows and fine in Linux. Just words of caution.

    Note: This will grab your boot sector and partition table. EXACT copy.

  2. That’s a good call. I’ll have another go of it within the next week and see if that does the trick. Thanks!

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