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And if the crik don’t rise…

working the trenchesRains have come. The creek out back has enough water in it that we can see the water from the house. I just checked the trench, wanna be French drain, that protects our basement from flood and sure enough, the sides have collapsed. We don’t have water in the basement yet but will if I don’t get out there and dig us out. I need to be programming every second of today but this has to take priority. Back to the Mosquito Coast.

Note: On the above video, after the first twenty seconds or so I figure out how to not have that obnoxious noise.

The creek in this video is at least 5 feet deep.

3 thoughts on “And if the crik don’t rise…

  1. Um..if you ever needed to have a group of people come and help you do something more permanent about this problem…I’d be willing to help out. I’ve done some shovelin’ in a former life.

  2. Wasn’t this you last year? Have you considered explosives? and maybe a retaining wall. Good luck. We have had our scares with high water. I feel your pain and panic.

  3. Morgan, thanks for the offer! The permanent fix to this will come soon and will likely involve beer, pizza and a work party. I have to get the supplies together first.

    Mom, the picture at the top is from last year plus a couple of weeks (Jan 9 vs Jan 24). I suppose that should tell me I need to pick a dry day in December to inspect the trench.

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