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Red car syndrome for my heart

Over the weekend I was messing with my father-in-law’s blood pressure cuff and it came back with a reading of 216/119 for me. This put many people up in arms. When the cuff gave its reading, my inlaws and wife were staring at me like I was the walking dead. After HIPPA was broken and my numbers broadcast to the world, I committed to get back on blood pressure medicine. That hasn’t happen yet. Turns out the prescription which I ran out of 4, 5, or 6 months or more ago expired on January 29. Despite the tension in my chest, I cannot get a refill until I see the doctor. Let’s talk about that tension. Prior to the reading, the tension was there but I didn’t think about it. Now I feel like Fred Sanford. “Elizabeth I’m coming to ya!” How much tension? I just stretched and my ribs popped like cracking knuckles. Nothing has changed but perception. I’m fine but aware.

6 thoughts on “Red car syndrome for my heart

  1. I’m sure that, since you have chosen to play Russian roulette with your health and life, you have made ample provision for ensuring that your wife and children will have a way to continue eating and keeping a roof over their heads should you blow a gasket in the brain pan – which you are likely to do at any moment.

    Or are you planning to just leave them with nothing but your vegetative body to care for – and no insurance, savings or other means of doing so?

    You have 6 people who are wholly and completely dependent on you and you alone. You placed them in this position by the choices you have made with your career and finances. You have a duty and a responsibility to make sure that you can continue to take care of them – no excuses! Man up, put on your big boy pants and get yourself to the doctor TODAY!

    It’s called taking responsibility like an adult, not whining about what the government won’t give you.

  2. Ugh, I just realized I’m in the same place, except I just ran out yesterday. It’s obnoxious that I have to go to the doctor just to renew this prescription.

  3. Jim, those numbers were a misread. My numbers are below what used to be considered high blood pressure. The bar has been lowered as a preventative meassure since people tend to do less exercise as they age or if you wear a tinfoil hat to sell more meds for Big Pharm. All I’m saying is due to the funny numbers read on the weekend I now have pschosymatic symptoms. Subsequent readings have been lower and my doctor has been called. I’m healthy as an ox and here for a long run. Thanks for the concern and taking time to comment.

  4. Mom here. Yes, you have opened up a door of concern for you and family. Had you just finished shoveling the driveway when you took that reading? And you are aware that readings throughout the day are valuable to a diagnosis. For instance, sitting as you awake, standing as you have been awake, lying down reading, and maybe even standing on your head reading. All can be different. Make notes and documentation for your doctor. He only sees you for a few minutes. You need to take him at least a daily pic of your activity. Do not let me leave out the genetic part of the pic.

  5. yeah what your mom said! misread or not!!!
    did the HIPPA police come after the Mrs? they started following me on twitter lol

  6. I’m sure those numbers were due to my shirt sleeve being too tight on my arm or Cathy’s sexy presence in the room. None-the-less, I’ve spoke with a doctor friend of mine and have already called my GP. No cause for concern. Besides, if I’m going to go, I’ll ack…..

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