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Red car syndrome for my heart

Over the weekend I was messing with my father-in-law’s blood pressure cuff and it came back with a reading of 216/119 for me. This put many people up in arms. When the cuff gave its reading, my inlaws and wife were staring at me like I was the walking dead. After HIPPA was broken and my numbers broadcast to the world, I committed to get back on blood pressure medicine. That hasn’t happen yet. Turns out the prescription which I ran out of 4, 5, or 6 months or more ago expired on January 29. Despite the tension in my chest, I cannot get a refill until I see the doctor. Let’s talk about that tension. Prior to the reading, the tension was there but I didn’t think about it. Now I feel like Fred Sanford. “Elizabeth I’m coming to ya!” How much tension? I just stretched and my ribs popped like cracking knuckles. Nothing has changed but perception. I’m fine but aware.

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Blood pressure update

The doc took me off my old blood pressure medicine (Linsinopril) which made me cough incessantly and switched me to a new medicine (Verapamil SA) with the side affects of swollen ankles and constipation. I think that makes me pregnant.

Btw, suggesting to your wife that she quit shaving her legs doesn’t get the expected result of "oh thank God! I hated doing that and only did it for you anyway my love! Now my legs will be warm in the winter! Hurray!" In reality, it’s a far different reaction.

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Cough wheeze Okay I’ll see the doctor!

Cathy and I try to avoid the doctor unless absolutely necessary. It’s not a philosophy I enjoy as I had a friend in college die because she put off going to the doctor. I know that keeping the adults healthy is in everyone’s best interest but checkups for the adults hurt the budget. All that said, Cathy is tired of my cough. It hasn’t stopped since before October 8th but the source may have changed. See, the antibiotics killed off the original cough but at the same time the doc put me on high blood pressure medicine which has coughing as a side affect so I have now been coughing for over three months! I give in. Tomorrow I’ll visit the doctor and see what we can do.