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Red car syndrome for my heart

Over the weekend I was messing with my father-in-law’s blood pressure cuff and it came back with a reading of 216/119 for me. This put many people up in arms. When the cuff gave its reading, my inlaws and wife were staring at me like I was the walking dead. After HIPPA was broken and my numbers broadcast to the world, I committed to get back on blood pressure medicine. That hasn’t happen yet. Turns out the prescription which I ran out of 4, 5, or 6 months or more ago expired on January 29. Despite the tension in my chest, I cannot get a refill until I see the doctor. Let’s talk about that tension. Prior to the reading, the tension was there but I didn’t think about it. Now I feel like Fred Sanford. “Elizabeth I’m coming to ya!” How much tension? I just stretched and my ribs popped like cracking knuckles. Nothing has changed but perception. I’m fine but aware.

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Blood pressure update

The doc took me off my old blood pressure medicine (Linsinopril) which made me cough incessantly and switched me to a new medicine (Verapamil SA) with the side affects of swollen ankles and constipation. I think that makes me pregnant.

Btw, suggesting to your wife that she quit shaving her legs doesn’t get the expected result of "oh thank God! I hated doing that and only did it for you anyway my love! Now my legs will be warm in the winter! Hurray!" In reality, it’s a far different reaction.