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Oy vey! My daughter is Jewish!

Despite her grandparents regularly taking her to a Baptist church on Sundays and her boyfriend introducing her to the Methodist church which they regularly attended on Wednesdays, I’ve just realized that my eldest daughter is Jewish. See, she drives a car that burns oil, feh!, and I’m quite certain that it ran out weeks ago…yet it still runs!

Happy Hanukkah! Shalom.

3 thoughts on “Oy vey! My daughter is Jewish!

  1. Sounds like Sarah’s Hanukkah story is a lot like Bob’s… hmmmm? To paraphrase – “there was a little oil, it lasted 8 days, it was a miracle”. Oh, and I think he threw in the standard “there was also a battle, they tried to kill us, they failed, now let’s eat.”

  2. Oy! I forgot the eating! Sarah’s battle is currently with us over when and where to go to college.

  3. And of course she wants to go live far away in order to attend this college and simply doesn’t understand why there would be any concerns abt her level of life skills, right? Um, er, yeah. Now I understand perfectly. How are you doing with that Money Tree BTW, if it really starts putting out we’d like a cutting!

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