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Weekend Project – Day 25

I had hoped to have the clubhouse finished by Christmas. We are so close! I have a new obstacle; One of the dogs has taken to chewing the extension cords. I lost a 100′ extension cord that had served me well for 20 years. And yesterday, I lost a 50′ extension cord that I had used once. Looks like I’m going to a totally 18v rechargeable workshop.

We are now officially done with step 16 of 27. Count Amy’s wardrobe changes.

Weekend Project - Day 25Weekend Project - Day 25

And a brief night time attempt that failed to accomplish anything.

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  1. I mentioned your extension cord issue with the dogs to your dad and with his usual quick, sharp wit, he replied–“Maybe Doug should keep them plugged in and the dogs would learn to leave them alone.” Then, I replied–“Wish I had thought of that.” You KNOW we are only kidding!!

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