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Tonight is so beautiful

The fog is thick

And the air absolutely still

Only a car or two can be heard

    in the distance

No planes fly tonight

Few lights pollute the darkness

The crickets are silent

The possum and raccoon have stayed home

A hoot owl speaks twice then says no more

My puppy sits faithfully with me

She too is still like the air

The air is crisp like a walk-in freezer

    at the grocery

But not cold

I could sleep on this log tonight

There is magic in the air

Blessed be

I have found calm and peace

After having a child yell at me

    For three hours

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Poem – On Stage

Oh It’s like a game.

The Teachers try to teach

     the meaning behind Arthur’s play

But it is cruel.

The Teachers know the rules.

We cannot be told until after school

But when the final bell has rung

We are gone and a new class has begun

     That cannot be told until after school.

So while in class we ponder the moral behind Arthur’s play

     So we can make our report and make an A.

Then after school has come

     And we are eager to get out and have our fun.

But no one is there to remind us that Arthur’s play has begun.

We get out and make our calls to impress the Boss

     And all the while Cliff’s notes sit at home.

Why do we not remember the moral of the play

     from day to day after school?

Then sometime when it is far too late

     Perhaps sitting in a bar being contemplative

We will think of Arthur’s play

     And recognize our after school fate.

Arthur tried to teach us early

     That we are all destined to play a role.

     And we shall all be Willy in his Play.

-DM 4/31/98

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Poem – Current State of Me (aka A Single Moment)

The video (4MB 1:14) is just me reading the following which in essence is just a list of words so you may just want to save your bandwidth. I suggest that you read column one first, then column two, then left to right all the way down. In the video it sounds like I wrote this in 1988 but it was actually 1998.

Current State of Me (aka A Single Moment)

Writing — Things

Thinking — Change

Dreaming — Deranged

Blinking — Dazed

Pondering — Amazed

Wondering — Craze

Wandering — Maze

Listening — Beat

Hoping — Reach

Praying — Seek

Delaying — Weak

Straying — Lazy

Crazy? — Crazy!

-DM 6/1/1998

Normally I like to leave interpretation of any written piece to the reader, however, I think this probably stands to have some explanation otherwise I could just randomly pick words from a dictionary and call it art. Hmm.. Now that’s not a terrible thought!

The following are straight from the journal (6 years ago) with the exception of one that required edits (it’s a journal!) and the notes of course are from the present.

Writing — Things
The "things" I was writing were my journal entry and the poem itself
Thinking — Change
The thinking "change" was all that had gone on in my recent past from marriage to getting laid off to starting my own business.
Dreaming — Deranged
These were thoughts of an alternative path that I could have walked with no debt and unrealistic fantasy dreams. Regret of choices made, desires to change them and imagining how different things would be. Demented thoughts.
Blinking — Dazed
The dreaming-deranged overwhelmed me and I spaced out for a few. It felt great to momentarily be nowhere!
Pondering — Amazed
The stepping back into reality after resetting my fuse and realizing the significance of many of the choices I’d made in that recent (and far) past.
Wondering — Craze
The struggling I did with myself over whether or not I’d made good choices
Wandering — Maze
I would get lost in my own thoughts and sometimes could not escape myself. It would be like the walls closing in.
Listening — Beat
I simply took a second to enjoy the music Border’s was playing
Hoping — Reach
My mind wanted someone to help me
Praying — Seek
Expanding on the former..a more spiritual cry for help.
Delaying — Weak
Recognition that I create my own Hell through procrastination, my biggest weakness.
Straying — Lazy
My inclination (at the time) to give up
Crazy? — Crazy!
Am I losing it? Through my own actions – yes.