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Justine Lai Does The Presidents

laijoinordie01thumbI clicked a link in one of my news readers today and was presented with a gallery where San Francisco artist Justine Lai has painted herself having sex with several presidents (NSFW). She’s a good oil painter. A bit of an odd subject. Definitely not safe for work. And I think Ol’ Abe is going to shoot her in the head.

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Signup for the No-Fly List

Today is the deadline to sign the Kucinich petition to impeach GW Bush based on these articles.

Other than impeachment, censure is an option. Of course, with so little time left in the GW Presidency, what’s the point? Perhaps it prevents him from declaring martial law and stopping the elections in November? See President GW Bush 2004-indefinitely.

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Hillary Clinton will not be vice president

As I listened to Barack Obama claim the democratic nomination (and forced my children to listen), I heard Barack Obama speak positively of Hillary Clinton. And I heard him say that she would be on his cabinet in charge of health. His words were "And you can rest assured that when we finally win the battle for universal health care in this country, she will be central to that victory." I personally think that one sentence clearly says that she will not be the vice president. Obama is very well spoken! I look forward to seeing him as the president of the United States!

See also: Power Line, Obama commands respect, Binside TV, HILLARY CLINTON GIVES DELUSIONAL SPEECH AFTER BARACK OBAMA CLINCHES THE DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION VIDEO, and Binside TV, BARACK OBAMA CLINCHES DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION | BARACK OBAMA DEMOCRACTIC NOMINATION VICTORY SPEECH. As a side note, spell checkers really need to add "Barack" and "Obama" as correctly spelled words!

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Presidential Hopefuls and their phones

Everyone knows Rudy uses his phone. Someone needs to teach him some manners. What other presidential hopefuls are using their phones? Twitter is a short messaging service that lets you barrage your friends (and others) with the overly mundane in your life. People have found different uses for Twitter from marketing to exhibitionism (look at me look at me) to making announcements and sharing information on the Internet. Presidential hopefuls have accepted that they can reach a large audience and become closure to the constituents by using (or having their staff use) Twitter.