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On Hold Friday

I’m trying desperately to get some major code knocked out today. But the day has begun with me listening to hold music which cuts my coding rate in half. I hate having to sit on the phone.

Late this afternoon, in a panic, I will pack for a weekend of camping with Noah and Sarah. This weekend is our Scout troop’s Thanksgiving camping trip. Families are invited and we will cook a turkey and ham in a cardboard box oven. The scouts will build catapults and play games including shooting water balloons at the adult leaders. I have skipped the past 4 months of events. Since my daughter is attending and I think I have taken a bit of ownership on the catapults, I have to be on this trip. Besides, I really miss the camping plus getting into nature dramatically improves improves cognitive function in the brain.

Update: Important phone calls complete. Important email sent. Distracting Internet outage resolved. Cat about to be flung across room. Bug in my code fixed. Moving onto feature requests.

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On Failed Communications

I just realized I have spent the entire day with my phone on silent. Wow! And what productive day it has been! But I’ve missed calls and text messages. For that, I apologize.

Also, yesterday I became away that I forgot to renew my domain name last week. Fortunately there is a grace period for renewals but any mail sent to my email address on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday bounced. Several people let me know this last night. Again, my apologies and if you sent me an email over the past 4 days, please resend it. Thanks!

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Overslept – Do you use an alarm clock?

Last night I slept deep! I had vivid, colorful dreams with incredible detail. Central themes: strife. I haven’t used an alarm clock since about 6 months before Amy was born. So for about 6%frac12; years I have gone to sleep by saying, "I will wake up at ____." Usually, I wake within 5 minutes of the time I say as I lay down. Today I overslept 45 minutes! I was just so mentally and physically exhausted. Amy still made it to school on time although just under the bell.

Last weekend our Scout troop had its monthly scout master meeting. Eight adults showed up and I had the opportunity to relate my success of waking without an alarm clock. Another adult chimed up and said, "Oh yes. I’ve done that for 10 years." 25% of the people sitting at the table spent the bulk of a decade successfully waking without an alarm clock. I wonder if the numbers hold. Does ¼ of society choose to not have an alarm clock and still wake on time?