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links for 2006-10-31

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What is stress?

Stress is when the pressure builds up so much that you cannot stop shaking, it is hard to focus because your field of vision is reduced, you cannot concentrate enough to read a single sentence and comprehend it, short term memory vanishes, and ambivalence takes hold. Then the dominoes fall.

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A blogger’s mother has passed

Alice of 10,000 Monkies and a Camera lost her mother in a car accident yesterday. Give her some good words.

I find it interesting how blogging creates connections between arbitary people. Without blogging, these arbitary people conceivably would never know of one another yet through the Internet we learn their faces, their secrets, their worries, their joys and we feel connected. So when a blogger suffers a loss of life or a hardship, other bloggers feel it too. Our world is smaller than ever and that is good.

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Picture of United States Population Density

Time Magazine has put together a picture showing US population density. 80% of the US live in metropolitian areas. Notice the great emptiness in Nevada. Can you say, "nuclear test site?" I knew you could.

In other charts, we have the cancer survival rates. Basically lists a bunch of cancers and shows the percentage of people that have survived 5, 10, 15 and 20 years with the diagnosis.

Now if we could create a chart that shows population density, cancer survival rates by region, and incidents of cancer by region, I think I could decide where to move.

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Videoblogging for money

Here is a little hint of what is to come. Google has announced that it will pay videographers $5 for every 1000 times their video is viewed on Google Video. This is not YouTube! This is Google’s answer to Revver which appends an advertisement to the end of user’s videos then pays the video maker 50% of the ad revenue every time it is clicked. Popular shows like Ze Frank’s The Show use Revver for revenue. He also sells candy. The Mentos guys made a bundle on Revver.

Grobe and Voltz, for instance, pocketed $35,000, their share of the ad revenue paid to them by Revver, for their first Coke-and-Mentos video back in July. Now, the pair could earn big bucks from Google if the latest video is a hit. The two are also hosting a video-making contest sponsored by Coca-Cola, which paid them an undisclosed amount. [Source]

I have been dying to try video publishing but I don’t feel I have the time (Ze Frank spends 6 hours creating his show of roughly 3 minutes; Rocketboom uses a staff and an entire day to produce a 3 to 8 minute show) or the tools (I really think a Mac makes video editing easier) to do it right. Maybe I should do it for the money instead of fun!

See also a similar articlea similar article now located on Tech Consumer (thanks Bob Caswell) and C|Net discussing Revver.