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Heroes txt msg

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Has anyone won anything on Blingo lately?

Our household use to average a Blingo movie ticket or iTunes gift card at least once a month. We haven’t won anything for about 3 or 4 months now. Did PCH destroy Blingo (which now claims to have $1000 Thursdays) or has it just become that popular that the odds of winning dramatically reduced?

On a side note, you can sure tell it is a Friday afternoon in the blogosphere. Comments on No Silence are dwindling down. Of course, it looks like Michael might have two simultaneous threads running. I suppose all that needs to be said has been said but I don’t believe that.

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School Performance: Apples to Apples

Would you like to know how your new school performs compares to others? Visit SchoolMatters and follow these steps:

  1. Enter the name of a school that interests you.Enter the school name
  2. Select the appropriate school and click "Add to favorites" select a school
  3. Click "My Favorites" My Favorites
  4. Select 5 schools to compare. Then click "Compare up to 5". choose 5
  5. Enjoy the results. Click everything because much data is beneath the table! the results

You should end up with these results but if you click on the school names and others areas of the table (not mine..your results found at SchoolMatters) you will receive a wealth of information and charts.

School Reading Math ACT Average
Austin East 73.9 61.7 17.4
Bearden 97.8 94.1 23.3
Farragut 97.9 93.5 23.7
Powell 90.6 89.4 21.1
West 87.5 82.6 22.1
Fulton 83.9 77.6 18.3
Gibbs 87.0 80.6 20.3
Halls 90.4 89.2 22.0
Karns 92.7 95.2 21.4
South Doyle 85.1 79.6 20.7
Carter 90.3 87.0 20.0
Central 88.6 86.5 21.6
Data provided by SchoolMatters, a service of Standard and Poor’s.
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I have a rezoning plan!


My proposal would be based on distance from the school. Rezone with a 10 mile diameter (or other appropriate number). If you fall in one circle then that is the school you attend. If you fall within more than one circle you get to participate in open enrollment based on available slots in the school of choice. If you are in no circle you can participate in open enrollment county wide but with transportation provided only to the nearest circular zone.

What of socio-economic fairness? It will work out naturally. What of population densities? I don’t have data on that but dollars to donuts, it too will pan out. I am not suggesting that this be the plan. I suggest this type of basis to begin a plan would make better sense than what Mullins is proposing.

Update: Brian Hornback points out that some of the circles stretch outside of Knox County. He’s right that I never intended to imply that other counties would come into the Knox County system. I see I also completely overlooked Central.

Update: What of natural barriers like rivers? I suppose that if you had to bus through a school zone that you were not zoned for in order to circumvent that natural barrier, then you would also be considered for that other school zone (for instance, West on the South Doyle side of the river).