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Blogfest and Blogathon

Devil of a wife

Tonight is a Blogfest! We will be there. Rich, one of our Blogathon partners is already at Bailey’s on his shift.

Bailey’s holds a special place for Cathy and I because that was where we had our first date. We met for all of 2 minutes at a Halloween party being thrown at my house then 4 months later we were behaving like nervous school kids on a first date over a pool table at Bailey’s. I rapid fired every joke, with increasing naughtiness, I knew to cover my nervousness. Cathy flirted and wow’d me seducing me with her beauty and wit then upping the ante on my innuendos until everyone in the bar had quit playing pool to watch us being suggestive with pool cues, lessons, and across the table exposures. We had a blast! And our friends who got us together to commiserate our similar situations, hoping that we would take some frustrations out on each other and move on, just sat back and enjoyed the show as two grown adults fumbled around trying to remember how to date.

I almost blew our relationship. I was so overcome by Cathy that I really did not want to screw things up by coming on to hard. So in the parking lot I tried to be all casual and attempted to say, "I don’t want you to feel pressured or rushed into a relationship" but the words came out something like "if you want to get together and have sex without a commitment, I’m your man!" Oh yeah! Smoooooth.

Heading to Bailey’s! Oh! You can still sponsor us! Pleeaasse! Read more here.

4 thoughts on “Blogfest and Blogathon

  1. These days, they just say, “Okay!”

  2. I think this story is charming.
    And Mark, not everyone says “Okay.”
    Sometimes it’s “Sure” or “Hell to the no.”

  3. Yeah, well … LOL …

    Doug may remember my getting the crap slapped outta me more than a time or two “back in the day” for being a little too … umm … forthright. LOL

    (Oooooh, I remember one specific time at Hawkeye’s, out on the patio? Black hair, ruby lips, and had to be wearing a corset under her shirt … Betsy! [ I remember! HAHA!] … Damn, that stung for days! But then again, she also took pity for slapping me that hard…)

    Believe it or not, I was joking. I just missed the social. 😉

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