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Do-It-Yourself Vasectomy

In December, I set up a chipin campaign to raise money for an operation I promised Cathy 3 years ago. The vasectomy campaign ends in six hours and the Internet hath spoken! Either the digital world out there wants 1) me to have more children or 2) see a DIY vasectomy. As complimented as I am that you desire more of my DNA stay in the gene pool, I am going to have to go with the DIY vasectomy. The only question that remains is to stream via webcam or not to stream? And do I create a chipin campaign for pain killers and re-constructive surgery? Now where’s that Swiss Army knife?

(ala Rocky Horror‘s Time Warp)
It’s just a snip to the left
And a snip to the right
Pull the sack up and put the sutures in tight
No pelvic thrust
For 30 day ay ay ayay ays
Let’s do the vasectomy today!

6 thoughts on “Do-It-Yourself Vasectomy

  1. I would like to know how the DIY vasectomy works out. I have a bet with a friend that no one would try such a thing, but it looks like I’m going to lose.

  2. I am working on getting a camera that’s a bit better than my webcam and a couple of assistants. Stay tuned!

  3. you will be wanting some uniforms for the assistants – i suggest choosing from the available outfits here 🙂

  4. Now now.. Doesn’t that come 30 days AFTER the vasectomy?

  5. depends on who the assistants are i guess :p

  6. I’m about to give my boyfriend a DIY vasectomy. We can’t afford it either so I just looked it up and since I have a degree in biology I’m positive that it will be successful.

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