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Going to Goodwill or you

Update: All has been distributed but the metal recycling.

I don’t do Freecycle anymore. I got to feeling like I had simply become a supplier for professional yardsalers. I guess that isn’t bad in that stuff I don’t use anymore still ends up getting used by somebody but I’d rather it get to someone more directly. Additionally, the last few encounters with Freecyclers were a little creepy. They started shopping my driveway and house, "What about that? Are you using that anymore? Can I have your lawnmower? Do you want to give that motorcycle away? …"

I am planning a large trip to Goodwill. If someone wants to put any of this to use before I make my trip, I would certainly prefer you to have it. The list right now is:

Separate from Goodwill, I’ll be making a donation to a metal recycler unless somone wants these:

  • Multimedia message2 aluminum server racks (they’ve been kept outside but still look good)
  • The metal frames of two all metal desks (minus wooden tops)
  • a dead dryer that has been outside on the driveway

I’m out of time for the moment. Several more items will be added to the list and I’ll get some pictures uploaded. Want any of this, contact me. You can also Twitter @djuggler.

2 thoughts on “Going to Goodwill or you

  1. We used to have that IntelliTable as well. I wish they had not discontinued it and released the “future modules” that were supposed to make it “grow with your child”

  2. That IntelliTable was well loved. I always felt like I should have spent more time with the children playing on it rather than just letting them explore it. It was a neat toy.

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