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Twitter Size Does(n’t) Matter

Twitter ranking and stat programs come and go. In Knoxville I’m not even on the charts but in Knoxville, TN I’m ranked #11 (falling fast! Was 5th not long ago.). It’s all non-sense. Twitter’s value has nothing to do with how large someone’s arbitrary algorithm chooses to inflate your ego. Twitter’s value comes from how you choose to use it. So why am I jealous that my wife’s e-penis is almost twice the size (26.35cm) of mine (14.32cm)?

Warning! Clicking through to e-penis is going to show a cartoonish picture of a man’s thang.

2 thoughts on “Twitter Size Does(n’t) Matter

  1. While it is true that Twitter can be used for awesomeness beyond mere self-aggrandizement, don’t think for a minute that the rapid uptake is a result of anything less than feeding into the worst in ourselves: instant vanity.

    I fell into the trap as well, and at SXSW I saw “We Live In Public”… I remember Josh Harris and pseudo and all that jazz. Now I do. I had forgotten the lessons learned during that period.

    And that’s why I protected my updates on Twitter and that’s why I don’t use it as often.

  2. Oh I remember “We Live In Public”!

    Thanks for commenting on the protected updates. I’ve found myself using Twitter less for vanity side of things and questioning before sending each Tweet “does this need to be heard?” I’ve moved the vanity side of things to Facebook and even there begun to question myself before sending each update.

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