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Stoned dog

Annie says, “I have no idea what is going on. I taste colors. I see fractals. I’m beginning to understand the true nature of the universe. I am dog!”

N.b. We thought Annie was suffering a partial tear in the dog equivalent of an acl. That’s a $4000 surgery. Turns out she pulled her groin. The treatment is 10 weeks of sedation, pain medicine, and muscle relaxers. My only question is: what can I do to pull my groin? I could use the rest.

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Annie loves the doctor

Antimony gets so excited at the vet’s office. Has to jump on everyone and kiss all her new friends.

At the vet to discuss a $4000 surgery to fix a torn ACL for Annie the dog. But there is no tear. Dog pulled her groin. No surgery for that. Dog gets 10 weeks of rest. Yes, a golden retriever has to rest…for 10 weeks!