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The corruption of the next four years is already beginning

The Billionaire’s Boy’s Club is already trying to ease the path for their corruption.

During a Monday appearance on NPR, Trump adviser Newt Gingrich argued that Congress should consider changing ethics laws so President-elect Donald Trump could freely mix his administration and his business interests.

–Source:, "Gingrich says Trump can’t be expected to follow ethics laws, so Congress should change them for him"

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2016 – the year the United States elected a lunatic

Would you elect Howard Hughes to the presidency? Every Howard Hughes film today focuses on his mental illnesses.

History will record 2016 as the year the United States elected a mentally unstable man to the office of the presidency. If we still have our freedom of press years from now, we will see movies, documentaries, and history books depicting the mental illnesses of Donald Trump in the same way movies, documentaries, and books today depict Howard Hughes.

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Formula to create a fascist state

It occurred to me last night that my entire adult life has been an experiment to convert America to a fascist state. How do you that?

  1. Change the economic system such that the bulk of the populace has to work two or more jobs to make ends meet. This takes away their time for family, self-improvement, self-satisfaction, self-education, personal satisfaction, personal growth, and health. If all the adults in the household are too busy to interact with their children, they cannot further their children’s education and their children grow up disconnected and lacking human empathy.
  2. Dumb down the public education system by placing an emphasis on testing instead of knowledge.
  3. Pit the common people against each other. This is easy since they have been dumbed down and lack empathy.
  4. Create more laws to reinforce 1, 2, and 3. This becomes easy since the public is not educated enough to understand what is happening and they have become divided upon their differences in race, religion, and philosophy.

This is the experiment we living in America.


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29 days in February! Let the mass unfollowings end.

2016 is a Leap Year meaning there are 29 days in February and mass unfollowing of friends occur as United States politics flood the social media networks.

As a reminder, citizenship is not passive. We have a civic duty to participate in politics to shape our nations. That includes voicing dissenting opinions among our peers. An informed citizenry can better shape its respective nation. When the citizenry, particularly the proletariat, can be convinced to not be bothered, corporations and politicians can more easily control the people.

If we decry political discussions on Facebook or other social media as a reason to block people or unfriend others, we are doing nothing less than putting our fingers in our ears and chanting nah nah nah nah nah.

We make progress by listening to ideas foreign to our own. A business meeting where everyone walks into a room and nods heads in agreement and pats each other on the back is a waste of meeting space and salaries. An echo chamber where everyone else says the same thing we already think does not further a cause. Both cases are nothing more than pep rallies and bandwagons.

A diverse population will never be in complete agreement. John Lydgate said, “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” If the Left implemented all of their philosophies with blatant disregard for the Right, you would have a significant portion of the population displeased and vice versa. Politics is about finding a happy medium where the Right and the Left find a middle ground which somewhat pleases both extremes. Our politician’s job is to seek this middle ground!

An elected official is supposed to represent the people; not just the people who agree with that politician’s ideals. A Congressman is a professional and should be willing to approach a vote with a Yea to represent its constituents’ wishes even when that Congressman’s personal beliefs say Nay. Consider your representatives’ histories as you go into the voting booths.

Regarding the political arena and social media, I implore you to resist the urge to take a dislike to someone you follow or even go so far as to block or unfollow them over their political posts. Instead, engage them. I did not say “insult them” or “fight with them” or “troll them.” Engage them. Be inquisitive. Try to understand their position even if they are unwilling to give you the same courtesy. Let’s make politics civil again.

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And thus the water wars began…

NASA scientist declares .

“And thus, the water wars. By 2017 mankind had scurried to build pipelines in an attempt to move water from one side of the country to another. Environmentalists stayed silent as bulldozers and eminent domain tore through protected lands and national parks in a attempt to settle the anarchy which had befallen California. By 2018, millions of Californians had died and the first water trickled through the continental pipeline. Between 2015 and 2018, naturally scientists and companies looked to the Pacific Ocean for desalinization but our technology just wasn’t ready. By 2019, the national stabilized. California’s water rationing was released and the remaining residents filled their pools, and greened their lawns. By 2020, the areas of the United States feeding the great water pipeline began to feel the pain as water rationing was introduced in their counties. Domestic terrorists began strategic attacks upon the pipeline. Countries around the world began experiencing similar problems as the United States. Desalinization attempts were begun again. In 2022, only the superrich remained alive in California as they could truck water in. One entrepreneur recognizing the hopeless demise of the polar ice caps had begun a glacier harvesting operation to haul polar water to the United States. Other countries followed suit and by 2030, what remained of the polar ice caps was a polluted, pillaged, undrinkable mess riddled with blood and oil stains and slightly irradiated from the ice harvesting tools and skirmishes. In 2035, a lone man sat in a desert, protected only by shade he created with the remains of a raggedy Coleman tent. A single jet flew low overhead. Little did he know it was the last plane to ever flew. It had been on a scouting mission for drinkable water and the pilot, devoid of hope, crashed it into the ocean. The desert man hummed a mantra, withdrew a stick from his backpack, and proceeded to use his divining rod where he sat under his shade. The stick pulled to the ground. 10 minutes later, with minor effort of digging, the desert man quenched his thirst. …”

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Does your vote count? Only if you vote.

On November 4, 2014, Knox County had 104734 people vote on Amendment 1 altering the state’s constitution to give government control over a woman’s body. In 2013, 444622 lived in Knox County. That means 24% of the population decided to vote.

102554 people voted on Amendment 2.

100453 voted on Amendment 3.

95443 people voted on Amendment 4.

What does this mean? In short, Knox County allowed roughly the same number of people who show up to a football game on Saturday to decide to change the state of Tennessee’s constitution.

2016 is not far away. Get registered to vote. Learn the issues. Ignore the marketing. Make educated decisions. VOTE!