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I’m a strong believer in owning your content. URL shorteners like and bother me in that if the business changes or goes under, your short links die. for instance has been acquired or changed to which I still feel was a bad business move. If the business becomes unethical, they could sell your short links to redirect your traffic elsewhere. So, just like I believe you should view Facebook and Twitter as temporary places for content (much like a bulletin board on a college campus) and instead host your own site like (much more like a library or museum…and yes I know Twitter gets archived at the Library of Congress), I believe you should own your own url shortener.

Anyhow, to live by my own words, I thought I’d buy Cathy a domain for her own url shortener for My first thought was After two cups of coffee, I rethought that one. I’d say I am not sure Cathy would want to direct people to but then again I haven’t ever broached the subject 🙂