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Give Free Hugs – Get Harassed By The Man

You know.. I could see apprehensive people thinking "this perv is looking for a cheap feel" or "what a creative way to get a date" but the guy isn’t doing either. He is genuinely giving love. Watch the video and see the smiles he brings. The joy. The bonding and community. Then, in response, our society tries to take him down. Douse the good. Make a negative from a positive. But there is hope and the community rebounds and gives back what Juan Mann started. The community gives love and where Juan Mann first supported them and brought them up, they in turn help him. It’s a good watch.

Read the story behind the serial hugger Juan Mann.

Juan Mann (pronounced one man) is a play on words, but the hugger insisted his rules included no names, no phone numbers, no relationships and no dates. [Source]

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Joint Compound and Power Sanders

Bad idea…

So I bought this new joint compound that make a heavier particulate and falls to the floor leaving less dust in the air. Working with it by hand has been great but slow. Definitely worth the few extra dollars. Impatience got me and I smacked a piece of medium grade drywall sandpaper (the gridded stuff) onto my power hand sander and made real quick work of smoothing out the joints. Then I turned around to see the fog that had come into the room. Maybe in a few weeks the dust will finish settling. Ew. Guess I should have closed the closet door too. This isn’t good foreplay.

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Taking Christmas Down

So the first rolled around and the wife efficiently packaged up the Christmas decor for another year. That is, minus the tree itself and the house lights. Those are my responsibility. Last year we bought this cool Christmas tree bag that stores the tree very nicely. Er, if only I could figure out where I put that bag…

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Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Being Geek, I hit a computer hard. However, my computer remains my lifeline so although I demand much of and push it to the limits, there are certain risks I don’t take. One that I have neglected has been upgrading Windows XP to service pack 2. Today I take that chance and am installing the once dreaded, highly needed, SP2! Wish me luck.

Btw, the do as I say reference is to "keep your computer updated" advise that I tell most people.

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What’s wrong with teenage girls?

Sarah has a simple chore that I would think she would find pleasurable. She has to feed the cats. The outside cat gets fed once a day (even though I’ve asked her to feed it twice a day in the winter) and the indoor cat uses a Le Bistro self-feeder which only needs to be filled periodically. Not a single day goes by that Sarah does not have to be prompted by Mom or myself to feed the cat. I can always tell when the cat did not get fed because the sad sack stares longingly into our living room window and, if ignored, will bring us a present of a mole, skink, lizard, bat, mouse, squirrel, or bird. This morning she gave us a sparrow.

When I was Sarah’s age, I was not allowed to have pets so instead I took to feeding birds. I would actually ride my bike down to the feed store on Main Street in Medford, NJ and make a special mix that would attract certain types of birds. Then as I ate breakfast by the bay window, the birds would eat with me. And the neighbor’s cat would sneak up on them and kill them as I chowed. That’s when I took a disliking to cats. Yeah, yeah… life’s full of contradictions. Anyhow, I really took pleasure in feeding the creatures and making sure that they never ran out of food. So it befuddles me how she can callously ignore this dependent creature.

I am a believer in the school of hard knocks and learning by physics. Perhaps I should deny food to Sarah for a couple of days. Nah, that wouldn’t work. She has too much candy stashed in her room. I guess this is one of those times we (or Noah) does the job for her and it comes back to her in other ways. "Dad, can I have some food for snacks at the mall?" "No dear, I gave your snack food to the cat."

Little side note, Sad Sack was a WWII commit strip that my grandfather on my father’s side keep in a red, hardcover book. It was primarily line art and similar to Beetle Bailey. Whenever I would visit Nanny and Pop, that was one of the first books I would grab (followed by the photography techniques books with the naked women..boys will be boys afterall).

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Why should I use your broken music?

It’s that damn DRM. Yesterday Cathy’s computer gets this message:

Some of the items in the iTunes library, including "Rough Boy", were not copied to the iPod "Pavlov" because you are not authorized to play them on this computer.

Then it goes on to list a whole bunch of songs…basically anything she has ever purchased through iTunes. (Blingo has been good to her!) Oh, it also removed the tunes from the actual device. I am sure this has something to do with Sarah or Tommy plugging their iPods into Mom’s computer. How do families with multiple iPods but only one computer get their music?

DRM sucks. Even Bill Gates says DRM stinks. (see also)

[Biill Gate’s] short term advice: "People should just buy a cd and rip it. You are legal then." [Source]

So, my next step will be a long, arduous customer service fight with Apple (oh the bad karma and wasted time!). Simultaneously I suppose I will research how to cripple DRM since, frankly, Cathy is being hassled for legitimately buying music and that doesn’t fly with me.

Update: Some resources that look like they will be helpful. Mark’s(we)blog and one digital life (showing a backup procedure for your tunes).

Update: The solution was actually pretty simple. 1) Logged out of Sarah’s iTunes login. 2) Logged into Cathy’s iTunes login. 3) Under the iTunes->Store menu choose "Authorize this computer." Done.