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"Murphy was an optimist!"

Bad Foreplay December 3, 2008 4:59 pm

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : Cathy, Daily Life, Family, From the mouths of babes, Of Being Dad
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Today’s advice: Don’t ever drop your jaw to the floor, bug your eyes out, and say out loud to your wife, "You’re f*&%ing crazy!" You can think it but the words that come from your lips should be, "Yes dear." (Using a British accent doesn’t make it any better unless you are John Cleese…)

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1. Critter - December 4, 2008

dude… just because your wife wants to include a little anal play on /your/ part..

play nice, doug. play nice

2. Doug McCaughan - December 4, 2008

Haha! I think that’s illegal in TN.

3. Missybw - December 5, 2008

Only if you use accessories.

4. Doug McCaughan - December 5, 2008

Purchased in Alabama of course..