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Lucy has passed on

At roughly 11am yesterday, Lucy peacefully drew her last breath. The family grieves her loss as she has been with the children most of their lives. We have never viewed our animals as simply pets; they are family members. Molly, the dog, and Two Paws, the cat, seem sullen. Lucy shared many great times with us. She will be remembered well.

I want to thank everyone for your supportive comments (and here) on the blogs and in person!

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All things come to an end

Our Lucy

Our older dog, a golden mix, is wasting. I think she has decided she is at the end of her days. She has not eatten or drank for 3 days. She would not even take a hotdog or hamburger from me tonight.

She is a great dog! I do not want to lose her. I want to take responsibility and blame myself thinking that I could have done better for her somehow. She sits in the yard right now and is refusing to come in yet as I speak to her and pet her she holds her head high and wags her tail like a puppy. I will not force her in quite yet but will check back on her in a bit and give a more forceful encouragement. Perhaps outside is better right now as she is not holding her stomach, bowels or bladder well. All this developed rapidly.

How am I to prepare the children? Will this totally disrupt Tommy‘s final weeks at school? Do we spend money trying to buy Lucy some time or assume she is in pain and put her down? What does Lucy want? There should be more time.