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18 children? I asked Cathy for a 6th.

4 thoughts on “18 children? I asked Cathy for a 6th.

  1. […] Doug gets a beatdown by his wife Cathy when he asks for child #6. […]

  2. looks like you got off too easy…wait that doesn’t sound right…well you know what I mean:)

  3. So did this have anything to do with the sudden appearance of the “help pay for my vasectomy” on the blog? 😉


  4. “sudden appearance”? I put that up in December 🙂

    I’ve been talking about getting one since 2005 (as promised to Cathy).And had a false start to the campaign in July 2007.

    Really I put the campaign up in December as a deadline to myself. No excuses come May 27. Of course, if there’s still only one penny in the fund, I’m thinking of streaming a DIY vasectomy over the Internet. I mean how hard can it be to make an incision cut two tubes and tie them at the ends?

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