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I was asleep but NOOooo! She wanted a damned blanket…

Stress wears on the body as well as the mind. This week I peaked. And I crashed. Promises of staying up late with my wife for were broken. Just before my head hit the pillow, blackness engulfed me. I never felt the pillow. It was as if a blackhole sucked my total being from my body. Perhaps the HLC finally became operational and the world ended.

Our bed is Disneyesque. I don’t mean that it is a canopy bed with glorious antique wood bedposts extending to the ceiling nor a frilly thing with more pillows than bed space. Our bed more resembles Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory or Bedknobs and Broomsticks only we don’t fly ours that often. Typically I hit the sack first as Cathy finishes cleaning the upstairs and readying the children’s backpacks and clothing for morning. One or two hundred pound German Shepherds join me. Cathy comes to bed shortly after the dogs and complains that she has no where to put her feet. She wrestles the covers and nudges dogs hoping they roll over onto me which often they do. Having large dogs sleep on your legs is like having a stack of electric quilts and a boat anchor holding you in bed only without the electricity or the boat. It certainly does not encourage getting out of bed, rolling over, or doing anything conjugal. Next the cat wanders into the bed room. Both dogs stretch their necks pondering a chase but inevitability decide chasing the cat is not worth losing their valuable real estate on the bed. The cat then jumps onto the bed typically settling on top of my head ala Davy Crockett’s coon skin cap. Sometime between midnight and 2:30am, Evan sleepwalks into the bedroom, climbs over his mother, and cuddles up between the two of us. Later Amy comes into the room, shoves a dog more to the center of the bed, takes one of my two pillows, moves to the corner of the bed beneath Cathy’s feet, pulls the hospital corner out and gets under the covers between one dog, and Cathy’s feet. Flipping over, stretching legs, or working cramps out are out of the question.

Last night, that was our bed and I was dead to the world. For all I knew, I was alone. Until the shriek! The dogs and children had managed to short sheet us and it was cold! Cathy whined, no, almost screamed, "Give me a sheet!" I mutter under my breath and pretend to be asleep assuming a grown adult can get her own damned sheet. "AhhhahHHH! Get me a blanket!" she cried. For better or for worse. In sickness or health. For richer or poorer… Where the hell did it say anything about waking me from the deepest, best sleep of my life to walk to her side of the bed and cover her with a blanket?! I glowered at her; she writhed, whimpered, and cried and I caved but not without letting my displeasure be known. I rose with a grumble, squealed as my feet missed my slippers and landed on the cold concrete floor, muttered as I stomped to the chest of drawers on her side of the bed, cursed under my breath as I recovered a blanket, and said loving words as I covered her noting that I was still short sheeted and exposed to the basement chill. I returned to my side of the bed, pulled a dog over me, and blacked out.

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State of Me

I dreamed vividly of cyberpunk last night with public access terminals on the street being vied for by the elite few with Linux ultra mobile PCs and the hacking knowledge to access anonymously. I had setup my station when I realized my usb drive was left in the car in the adjacent parking garage. A naive onlooker had joined me on my portable bench and I was offering him access in exchange for protecting my gear when an obviously knowledgeable person tried to con his way in to plant a process that would have had my legitimate account quickly suspended. I couldn’t walk away and I couldn’t work without that usb drive. I woke fighting dizzy spells.

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How vivid are your dreams?

My dreams are filled with color, details, and sound. Last night I was watching a well machine, straight as an arrow, perfectly round one inch thick steel bar. While I looked at the bar from close distance, it hung in the air with no apparent forces being applied to the bar then without warning it snapped in the middle with an incredible, piercing pop! I flinched to miss any shrapnel, and in the process bolted upright in bed, wide awake, with my ears ringing and heart racing.

No interpretation needed. That dream is as clear as the single, ear splitting pop which came out of the dream and into the real world.

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I stole my wife’s dream

I woke up having my wife’s dream waking up having my wife’s dream waking up having my wife’s dream. She did this the other night and it is both disturbing and cool. After coding during the wee hours I took a nap and dreamed that I woke up and went back to coding and after a little work I really woke up to realize I had been dreaming about work then I closed my eyes drifting back to sleep to have the same dream. I repeated this cycle about 4 times.

I feel very sleep deprived.