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Last Night’s Dream

I remember two dreams. Both involved Tommy. One was about camping. But this post is about the other one.

We are in a car. I am in the back seat against the door on the passenger side. Cathy is sharing the seat with me just to my left. Some girl is in the middle but it is kind of like an opening to another row of seats so perhaps she is in the back-back and leaning forward to the middle row of seats; she is holding an unlit joint between her thumb and index finger but mostly concealing it in her hand. Then a shadow of a person is in the other middle seat on the driver’s side. Tommy is driving. A police officer pulls him over. We all sit there stunned. We make no attempt to get the girl to conceal her illegal substance as the officer approaches the car and makes eye contact with her. He comes to my side of the car and takes the joint from her, makes a comment and hands it to me. As he walks away Cathy points out that the police officer is going to arrest me so I eat it.

Now I ask you, what the hell was Tommy doing driving?!

5 thoughts on “Last Night’s Dream

  1. I don’t think you should have fallen asleep with the television still on. It seems to affect your subconscious.

  2. It does sound a lot like a scene from That 70’s Show. Maybe Tommy Chong was the other passenger.

  3. It sounds like you have developing issues about Tommy developing his responsibilities, and the potential they may have to get him in trouble. As such, you’re also worried they will affect your lives as well, possibly getting you into trouble when you try to clean up the mess.

    With Tommy in the “driver’s seat”, you’re afraid trouble will come his way – through no real purposeful fault of his own (his AS) – but that you will maybe take the fall for it.

    Does that sound accurate?

  4. Alrighty! I’m guessing Barry has some psychology classes in his background! 🙂

    Sounds like a reasonable interpretation to me.

  5. No, but I slept at a Holiday Inn Express last night…

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