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Traffic lights unnecessary.

A while back I wrote about a civil engineer/architect that showed removing traffic signals and signs actually reduced traffic accidents. Now I can’t find the article which means it very well could have been in my drafts lost in Blogger’s callous deletion of my account.

Notice that there are no red light cameras in this video. For that matter, there are no traffic lights, stop signs or person directing traffic. There are also no accidents.

Here in America, we have traffic lights.

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Amanda Congdon Naked

I’ve been encouraging people to check out Rocketboom and Wednesday I posted The Right Way To Do A Video Blog. In the process I discovered Amanda Congdon has her own wikipedia entry. I also discovered this amusing post by Alec Muffett who analyzed his server logfiles to people visiting him looking for Amanda Congdon information with 29% of them trying to find her naked.

So that’s 192 people searching for information about Ms Congdon, 29% of whom are searching along with the word “naked”.

Alec offers these words:

Mmm. Grow up, you pitiful nerds.
Learn to appreciate people for what they are and what they do.

And if you are new to Rocketboom, I highly recommend the Sept 27, 2005 show.