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Marker Fairy Strikes

struck by the Marker Fairystruck by the Marker Fairy

Oh yes. Apparently we have a rouge Marker Fairy in our bedroom. Typically Marker Fairies dwell in the basements of college dormitories on weekends. Fortunately, despite my grand efforts, I never had the pleasure of a visit by a Marker Fairy until recently. Anyone want to wager why?

8 thoughts on “Marker Fairy Strikes

  1. You made her mad again, didn’t you?

    You know, with that shorter hair, and the wry grin in the pic on the right, you have more than a passing resemblance to Bruce Willis.

    OK, so maybe I need more coffee.

  2. Hehehe! He and I share a similar vernacular from time to time. However, I would never give up my wonderful wife for a pyt fling. But I might jump off a bridge onto a moving boat to try to diffuse a bomb.

  3. Yippee ki yay, Marker Father!



  4. That is a Hall of Fame smartass comment. 😉

    Good to see ya all tonight. And dj … LTNS. Weird, eh?

  5. BTW … How color-blind are you this year? That looks Green as Hell to me…

  6. Is the marker fairy always annoyed? Does she ever pay you a happy visit?

  7. […] course, Lissa Kay, myself (but I’m leaving Cathy at home with the k i d s and I’m sure I’ll pay for that later), Mushy (might be there on Friday), Tish, Mark, Barry? (might be at the Eagles Club), and Michael […]

  8. […] of this post is a bit more direct than my wife. See I think there has been some confusion over the Marker Fairy references. During Blogfest I tried to explain to Lissa Kay that the color of the marker holds significance. […]

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