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Personal Weather Indicator Says SNOW!

Some people have wolly worms or twitching toes to tell them what the weather will be. I have my wife! She’s down and out with a severe migraine right now. That means an extreme change in weather, usually a drop in pressure, so tonight it is going to snow, snow, SNOW! I only wish she could do this without having to suffer such pain.

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I sleep for my clients

In college, I spent a lot of time trying to live on only 3 hours of sleep a night. It was that "sleep is a waste of time thing." After a couple of years, I crashed and slept through a summer break. For the record, you cannot catch up on sleep. If you think you can shave a few hours one night and make them up another night, you are fooling yourself. However, you can make yourself sick.

Last night I wanted to pull an all nighter for work. I chose to sleep. I might have produced some sloppy work last night in twice the time it will take me to wrap it up this morning. I may deliver a little later than I had hoped today. But my work will be higher quality and I feel healthier. Because I slept. Still wish I could take a pill instead of losing those hours.