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Sheriff Hunts Someone from the Air

Yesterday a low flying sheriff’s helicopter circled over our house several times. We believe they thought a criminal was in the creek. Roughly 45 minutes later, the police scanner reported apprehending someone at the Weigel’s nearest our house and the helicopters (there were at least 2) went away. When it took the most direct path over our house I had the video camera paused and missed the best shot. This video mostly shows trees.

A couple of things you will hear in this video:

  1. "they must be 100′ off the ground" – okay. exaggeration and not well seen in this video. The first video I tried shooting, and had the dog gone thing paused, was when they flew directly overhead and it did look much lower
  2. "could it be drugs" – the DEA flies helicopters over these parts frequently during prime growing season but usually they are over the farms and properties along the river.

The person they were hunting was caught about 45 minutes later 1/4-1/2 mile from my house

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News Sentinel tries hard sell for old ways in Walgreens

I ran into Walgreens hoping for the world’s quickest pickup of a product that I now know you have to buy at Target and was accosted at the door.

Sales guy, holding out Walgreens printed circular (the bait): "Would you like this week’s ads?"
Me, no I don’t because I came in for a single product but being a dumb human (the nibble): "Sure."
Sales guy (the hook): "Would you like a Walgreens gift card?"
Me, quickly noting the stack of News Sentinel papers (the denial): "No thank you. I don’t need a paper."
Sales guy (the switch): "Are you sure you don’t want a News Sentinel?"
Me (attempted escape): "I read it online."
Sales guy (the lie): "At only 38 cents a day, there’s value in the print edition you can’t get online."
Me (the truth): "Honestly, I’m never going to read a paper ever again." (and I won’t pay for it online either)

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You know who would love this? My grandma! [Source, The Daily Show’s Jason Jones, End Times 2:41-2:46]

Thanks to Cathy for pointing to the video!

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Lovin’ the black censor bar!

When I posted I’m moving to France! I saw today’s post in the comments. Btw, if you haven’t watched I’m moving to France!, go do it now and for added fun start both videos at the same time!

Today’s video reminds me of college for some reason. These people are so happy! I bet there’d be no terrorism if more people played with the black censor bar. The guy in the cowboy hat at the end of the video is my new hero!

(I replaced this fuzzy Youtube video with the much clearer DailyMotion video that appears to actually be placed by The BPA)

This is the "Toe Jam" video by Fatboy Slim featuring David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal. I find it altogether too amusing. When I first discovered this one there were just over 6000 views. It’ll be interesting to see how fast those numbers grow.

Update: Some information about this hit video from the Fall of 2008. The Toe Jam song was released July 15, 2008 by The BPA (Brighton Port Authority an alias for musician Norman Cook who is better known as Fatboy Slim. I am becoming a Fatboy Slim fanboy as I was in awe of his Weapons of Choice video featuring Christoper Walken. Toe Jam is a collaboration with David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal. The video is directed by Keith Schofield (Keith Haverbrooks, Eric Schoman and Jeff Mayfield). The Toe Jam song lives on the I Think We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat album released January 6, 2009. There is a video that is much crisper but it bleeps the dirty word. So, who’s got the raw footage and outtakes?

The BPA also ran a contest which ended March 1, 2009 allowing people to download the Toe Jam song and make their own videos as a promotion for their album release. Although the contest has ended, Toe Jam is still available for download.

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I’m moving to France!

This probably isn’t safe for work. The New York one has a bit of a disturbing aspect to it. The France one feels more fun.

Thank you Internet!

(Apparently this happens in New York too Seen at Synthtopia)

Update: Jon found an interview on Pitchfork with the co-directors (Taylor Cohen and Otto Arsenault) and stars (Matt and Kim). Don’t forget, France has healthcare!

Update: Some links- Make the Girl Dance MySpace page, Make the Girl Dance blog, and the unofficial Matt and Kim video.

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Mind blowing stopped action commercial for Phillips Cinema 21:9 TV

This video is beyond excellent! I cannot wait to go behind the scenes and understand how they manage to pull this off. The angles, all the action, the perfectly timed sound effects, and even the story told without words. Their subject matter is well chosen! I wish I had the talent to make such artwork.

Created entirely by Stink Digital, this new interactive campaign promotes Philips latest entrant into the television market, the CINEMA 21:9. Since the televisions 21:9 frame lends itself so readily to film, our friends at Tribal DDB, Amsterdam commissioned us to create a piece of filmed content that could hold its own with Hollywoods best. Director Adam Berg responded with an idea for an epic frozen moment cops and robbers shootout sequence that included clowns, explosions, a decimated hospital, and plenty of broken glass and bullet casings.

This epic film is the centrepiece of the project. On its own, it clocks in at a (totally coincidental) two minutes and 19 seconds, but Berg conceived it to work as an endless loop.

[Source, Youtube, Carousel, directed by Adam Berg (Stink Digital)]

Note some hidden references like "219" on the back of the police car. See more at, and

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After the Dogwood Parade There Was Music

We watched Sarah march in Knoxville’s Dogwood Parade last night. Afterwards we watched Brenden James Wright and The Wrongs (MySpace) play on Market Square.

I was introduced to The Wrongs when my brother-in-law turned Cathy onto Luther Wright and The Wrongs’ (MySpace) Rebuild the Wall, a bluegrass cover of Pink Floyd’s The Wall. It’s excellent!

A little sidenote to the architects of Market Square: As much as I miss the old pavalion, the new stage is very nice; however, your permanent poles with the stage lighting block the view of the stage from most seating unless you are positioned directly in the middle of the audience. Couldn’t they have been swung more to the side?